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Taylor Stevens

HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
AGE: 27 years old (DOB September 20, 1983)
HEIGHT: 5ft 4in
WEIGHT: 126 lbs
BREAST: 34HH, Natural

Beauty, brains, and boobs from here to tomorrow, that is Taylor Stevens. Canadian-born Taylor is of Palestinian/Middle Eastern decent. She began developing at the age of nine and was the first in her school to have boobs. She has always loved the attention that showing off her body brings. It is a major part of why she loves being on webcam at Her father passed when she was six, and she has been on her own since the age of fifteen. Her determination and independence aided in her graduation from university with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. She has held jobs as a major phone company manager, a bartender, a hooters girl, and a hootershooter babe at a strip club. While working at the strip club, a friend told her about working as a chat host. Taylor tried it and was an overnight success. She’s never had issues with taking off her clothes and loved the idea of putting smiles on the guys faces each day.

In 2006, she weighed 300 lbs. Her boobs and her body were very popular at that size, but she decided to lose weight. She dropped 180 pounds in a year and her popularity as a chat host has never waivered. She has appeared in magazines such as Voluptuous, XL Girls, and Score and has received awards for her breasts, marketing, and personality. Her future plans are to continue to ‘rock it’ by being the best at whatever opportunity comes her way. She has a website in the works and more magazine work coming up. She is a very driven woman but does see herself married with kids one of these days. For now, she is married to her career. Her navel, eyebrow, and ears are pierced. Her tattoos include a tribal across her stomach, the text “destined, driven, and determined” on her lower back which she got after dropping weight and keeping it off. After the 2010 AVN Awards, she got a new tat on her arm which says “I am not afraid, I was born ready” which she got after a tough year and it pretty much says “bring it on” to her. Taylor loves Vegas and plans to live there some day. She loves to play poker, party with her friends, and jet ski on Lake Mead.

Taylor closed her interview with the following, “Thank you to all my fans for their continued support through all the years and for being so amazingly loyal and caring. And thank you for the interview. Theres a bright future ahead for me so keep your eyes open and sunglasses on! I can’t wait to play with you guys. I’m the Canadian, busty, bouncy, blonde next door and I’m all yours!“

Her official webcam site and fanclub is located at She has b located at and her blog is located at Her Myspace page is under the name TayStevens and her Facebook is at Taylor-Stevens. Follow her on Twitter at TayStevens.

Taylor Stevens (born September 20, 1983 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian adult model and popular webcam girl. She used to be a BBW model. In 2006 she worked to slim down, and her weight is now average. Taylor says she is of Middle Eastern heritage.

Boobpedia interview of Taylor Stevens

The following is from an interview of Taylor Stevens by Boobpedia.

I was always a bigger chesty girl. I started developing at age 9. From then my breasts continued to grow. I was always the girl who got her bra strap pulled in elementary school; by high school I was already a D cup and now am at an HH cup. I was highest at a J cup. Recently I have lost a lot of weight so I'm down to an HH.

Before the adult business I was in school, and I continued the adult business while in school also. Before this biz I was working for the head office in upper management for a very prominent cell phone company. I decided to leave and focus on school, and being an Internet chat host aligned perfectly with my schedule. I went to university, got my degree in criminology and criminal justice all while being naughty at nite on my webcam. School by day, sexy siren by nite ;).

I got into the business because I needed a more flexible schedule. I was working full time at my office job and it didn't leave me much time to focus on my studies. A friend of mine told me what she did and I thought, "Hmmm, I've always been comfortable with my body and I love having fun on cam, so why not." And there it began, my chat host career which I love and enjoy very much.

I am 23 years old, single and bisexual. I have always loved women and am very open minded. I love to cook, and to travel. My favourite places to which I travel frequently are Las Vegas, Miami, New York and Cancun. Vegas is a part of me; I love going there and partying it up. I am a huge poker fanatic. I play Texas Hold'em a lot and I host my own home games. I am a huge UFC fan. I love to read workout and I kickbox. I am a movie buff and love to watch all different types of movies.

My story is pretty much the one of a young girl gone wild LOL. As I started developing I noticed the profound effect my breasts had on men (LOL) and women. As they say. "if you got it, flaunt it", and so I did. I love my breasts I would never get a reduction. I have won many a wet T-shirt contest thanks to them LOL. It's actually funny because the women in my family aren't very well endowed; I guess I got lucky :). Growing up my nicknames varied from the high school name JUGGS to my poker nickname BIG STACK STEVENS (they aren't referring to my chip stack).

I am primarily on iFriends. That is where I host my live chats and where my fanclub is. You can find all my pictures and videos in my fanclub. I have appeared in Score magazine, primarily Voluptuous and XL Girls when I was larger.

Taylor Stevens Shows Her Gigantic Boobies

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