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Sayaka Tsutsumi

Birthdate: February 3, 1980
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 151 cm (4 ft 11 in)
Measurements: 81-54-81 cm (32-21-32 in)
Shoe size: 21.5 cm
Cup size: C65
Hobby: Painting
Character: Easygoing

Sayaka Tsutsumi Interview

Interviewer: So, you were having sex up to just a little while ago. How do you feel right now?
Sayaka Tsutsumi My stomach feels a bit empty.

Interviewer: Empty? You're hungry?
Sayaka Tsutsumi My body feels a lot lighter right after I come. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's because I'm relaxed.

Interviewer: Okay... so is there a certain way of having sex that makes you satisfied?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well... having a partner who can satisfy my needs.

Interviewer: That's not much of an answer.
Sayaka Tsutsumi But it's true! Oh, and how they move their hips.

Interviewer: The hips. In what way?
Sayaka Tsutsumi When they move their hips like this when they do it (demonstrates).

Interviewer: Oh, so that the both of you are moving together?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Right.

Interviewer: Does that mean that you like to move your hips too?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah.

Interviewer: Do you like men with big dicks?
Sayaka Tsutsumi It's always nice to have. I just love it when it gets hard.

Interviewer: What do you when you see it get hard?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehehehe, I put it in my mouth.

Interviewer: How does that feel?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Like my mouth turned into another vagina.

Interviewer: Do you get turned on that way?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yep. I hear some girls come by just giving blow jobs. Never happened to me though.

Interviewer: Oh really? I guess it's something you'll have to work on then.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehehehe, not really.

Interviewer: It says here that you lost your virginity in your senior year of Jr High.
Sayaka Tsutsumi I wanted to lose my virginity early ever since I was little.

Interviewer: How little?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hmmm, maybe when I was in the 5th grade?

Interviewer: In the 5th grade? When did you learn about the dick going into the pussy?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Probably around 3rd or 4th grade.

Interviewer: Do you remember how?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I found one of my father's porno magazines.

Interviewer: So did you get turned on when you saw that?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah. I got really turned on.

Interviewer: Ahahaha, all the way back in 3rd grade? So I guess that's when you started masturbating.
Sayaka Tsutsumi No, that was even before then. I started in the 2nd grade, ahahaha.

Interviewer: Do you even get wet when you're that young?
Sayaka Tsutsumi You do

Interviewer: Oh, that's right. I'm guessing that the way you masturbate now is different?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah.

Interviewer: How did you masturbate in the beginning?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I think I basically rubbed myself back then. You know, like this with my clit.

Interviewer: You rubbed yourself with your fingers. Then what?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Oh, then I started using that. You know, those massagers.

Interviewer: Those shoulder massagers?
Sayaka Tsutsumi There was one around the house that I could take with me.

Interviewer: When was this?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Right around 5th grade, I think.

Interviewer: Ahahaha, you started using vibrators in the 5th grade. I guess having sex is the only thing left for you once you're in Jr High then.
Sayaka Tsutsumi I remember sticking my finger inside once but I got scared and took it back out. It felt a bit gross.

Interviewer: Did it hurt when you put it inside?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Not really. That was my only time though, so it wasn't until 8th grade that a foreign object actually went inside me, hehehe.

Interviewer: Then how about the way you masturbated after that?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, I use a vibrator and a dildo at the same time nowadays.

Interviewer: So I guess that's the next step up after the shoulder massagers.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yep.

Interviewer: How old did you start that?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Right after I entered high school. Maybe it was in a love hotel. I think my boyfriend bought me one in a love hotel.

Interviewer: So... what about after that?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, I tried a lot of other things after that.

Interviewer: Well, try to remember some of them.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, vegetables, for one.

Interviewer: Are you a vegetarian?
Sayaka Tsutsumi ...spray cans, bottles...

Interviewer: Bottles? Hahahaha.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehehehe, I thought that the tip of it would feel good.

Interviewer: What kind of bottles?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Oh, mostly 5mm ones. I'd turn it around and just force it in. It's easy once it's inside, heheh.

Interviewer: Hahah! What kind of vegetables did you try?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Cucumbers and eggplants.

Interviewer: Which one do you like better?
Sayaka Tsutsumi The eggplant. I love eggplants. I'd go to the super market and try to pick the best one out, by giving it a good look.

Interviewer: Like when you give blowjobs?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah, exactly.

Interviewer: What did you do with the eggplant after you used them?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I used to live with my boyfriend and once he came back with his friends and they told me that they were hungry.

Interviewer: Bwahahaha!
Sayaka Tsutsumi My boyfriend told me to make something with the eggplant so I did (laughs).

Interviewer: Did your friends say anything?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Just that it tasted good, hahahaha.

Interviewer: I wonder if you can season the cucumbers by keeping it inside for a while.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehe, I don't know about that. Why don't you try it sometime? I always put a condom on them.

Interviewer: Could we use you as a subject and try it sometime?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Me? Ahahaha, sounds like something they'd use for a video.

Interviewer: What else did you put inside?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, pretty much anything that's handy, I guess.

Interviewer: Anything that's "handy"?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Oh, I put that inside too.

Interviewer: Do you sometimes just look around the room and go like "Wow! I can use that too!"?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Oh, sometimes (laughs).

Interviewer: Oh, how about bananas?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I tried it once, after I peeled it.

Interviewer: Can you stick it in after you peeled it? How did you put on the condom?
Sayaka Tsutsumi It started making a mess the moment I put the condom on, ahahahaha.

Interviewer: Is there anything you want to try putting in next?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, not really, but I really want to try to finger myself while standing on the train.

Interviewer: Anyway, so you had plenty of experience with masturbating by the time you lost your virginity...
Sayaka Tsutsumi I was so excited.

Interviewer: Excited? Ahahah!
Sayaka Tsutsumi You know, how they tell you that it hurts the first time?

Interviewer: And I bet it did.
Sayaka Tsutsumi It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, though it did hurt.

Interviewer: Was anything not quite what you expected it to be when you did do it?
Sayaka Tsutsumi That feeling of accomplishment, I guess.

Interviewer: So it's that feeling of having accomplished the main goal of a teenage life?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I basically felt that I could do this again without it hurting. Now the only thing waiting for me is pleasure.

Interviewer: It says here that the youngest guy you slept with was 18 and the oldest is 45. Are you going out with older men as you're getting older?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Not really. I only slept with 2 men younger than me.

Interviewer: So you like older men?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah.

Interviewer: And you even fell in love with a guy 45 years old.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yep.

Interviewer: How old were you then?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I went out with him back in... freshman year of high school.

Interviewer: What!? How did you even meet him in the first place?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Oh, I went to a bar to drink, hehehe.

Interviewer: What a bad girl. Heh, so you like alcohol?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I love it.

Interviewer: What's the most amount you ever drank?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hmmm, a bit over one of those large bottles.

INterviewer: No way----! You're like those drunken sailors then.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Ahahahahahaha.

Interviewer: Sigh. You must have one hell of a constitution inside that petite body of yours.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Ahahaha, I do get drunk pretty easily though.

Interviewer: Anyway, you really fell in love with a 45 year old?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yes. I'm not sure what it was... we just clicked when we talked to each other and I got a good feeling when I was around him.

Interviewer: Did you feel any differences with having sex with him and the younger men?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I thought he was really good and gentle with his touch, heehee.

Interviewer: Did you have your sailor suit on?
Sayaka Tsutsumi No, just casual clothes.

Interviewer: Did he ever tell you to bring them?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Never (laughs).

Interviewer: To get back on track, you said that he was good with foreplay?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Very good. At least as good as when I did it myself.

Interviewer: Ah, with the fingers.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah, I was really touched by that.

Interviewer: Did he ever tie you up?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehehehehe.

Interviewer: So he did?
Sayaka Tsutsumi No.

Interviewer: It says here that you love SM.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah, I like some soft SM, like getting tied up and being blindfolded.

INterviewer: When was the first time you got tied up?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Let me think... 2nd year of high school?

Interviewer: One of those high school SM situations?
Sayaka Tsutsumi No, it's one of those things. You know, you use a towel so that you can move your hands.

Interviewer: With who?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Back then it was... ah, he was the same age as me. He tied up my legs once too... against the legs of the desk.

Interviewer: If your legs are tied up, then that means that you had them spread the entire time. Wow, talk about embarrassing.
Sayaka Tsutsumi That's the good part of SM.

Interviewer: So you like embarrassing situations.
Sayaka Tsutsumi I guess so, hehehe.

Interviewer: Were you blindfolded in high school as well?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yep.

Interviewer: What about blindfolding do you like?
Sayaka Tsutsumi It's that uncertain feeling of not knowing where he'll touch me next. Oh here? No, there? Ahahaha.

Interviewer: So it's not being scared?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Not really. Actually, I told him to do it.

Interviewer: Ah, so you're demanding at such a young age.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yep.

interviewer: How did you say it?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Don't you think tying me up will turn you on? Like that.

Interviewer: I see, I see. How did the guy react?
Sayaka Tsutsumi He's like, really? Ahahaha.

Interviewer: "I wanted to do it too!"
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah, that's pretty much the basic pattern.

Interviewer: Let's see here... it says here you did a 4 way with three men?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Three men. That was... about a year ago.

Interviewer: How did that happen? How old were they?
Sayaka Tsutsumi They were all older than me.

Interviewer: And your relation to them?
Sayaka Tsutsumi They're friends of mine. We went out and then went to a love hotel together, hehehe.

Interviewer: You went in. With your friends.
Sayaka Tsutsumi I had sex with two of them before. I just met the last one for the first time though.

Interviewer: Huh?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I talked to him over the phone a couple times, and one thing basically led to another.

Interviewer: So they basically forced it on you?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I was like "What, what? You want to do it?" and they were like "You don't want to?" so I just said, "Okay".

Interviewer: I see. I guess it's fine as long as you're okay with it.
Sayaka Tsutsumi But it wasn't really a four-way.

Interviewer: Oh, so you basically had sex with one guy after another?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Right, right. The other two basically were in the bathroom laughing to each other while I was doing it.

Interviewer: How about letting them watch you pee?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I did that too. They wanted to watch.

Interviewer: How did you feel?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I was embarassed at first by the way they kept at stealing glances at me. I think it turned me on though.

Interviewer: Do you want to see a guy take a piss?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I do. Actually, I already did, hehehe.

Interviewer: Really? What did you think about it?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Wow! It's so cool!

Interviewer: It really sounds like you experienced a lot of things. It sounds like you fall under the "Like" side when it comes to this.
Sayaka Tsutsumi I don't think you can really have a like or dislike to you peeing.

Interviewer: How about someone peeing on you?
Sayaka Tsutsumi That's fine. I don't think it's dirty.

Interviewer: Would you drink it?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I wouldn't drink it.

Interviewer: How about in private?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I did try once.

Interviewer: So, you don't mind them watching you pee, but the act itself doesn't turn you on.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Exactly.

Interviewer: Then why do you let them watch?
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, I want to show everything to the person I love and I think peeing would be one of those things.

Interviewer: Okay... I see. If someone peed on you, would it be okay even if it was on your face?
Sayaka Tsutsumi I think so.

Interviewer: Did it ever happen?
Sayaka Tsutsumi No. One person peed in my mouth once though. We were in the bathtub and I was giving him a blowjob and he told he me that he had to pee so I told him pee in my mouth. He asked me to drink it so I tried but couldn't do it.

Interviewer: So it's a way to show your love. What about if he wanted to see you take a dump?
Sayaka Tsutsumi If my boyfriend asked I might do it. I'm not sure.

Interviewer: So you haven't done it yet.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Yeah. I did joke a few times about it but no one ever wanted to.

Interviewer: Ahahaha, so you did say it.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Hehehe, I usually get the feeling that if I show myself doing it they'll show me too. You know, the men I've been with always refuse to show me their anus. They even tell me to turn off the lights when I lick it.

Interviewer: Have you ever stuck a finger inside?
Sayaka Tsutsumi They told me not to. They didn't want me to do it.

Interviewer: I guess it's something you want to do because you want your partner to feel good.
Sayaka Tsutsumi Well, I always want to try out new things, hehehe.

Eros File Card

Condom Use: Always
Orgasmed?: Yes
Moans during sex: Average
Sensitive spots: Clit, vagina, nipples, back.
Most amount of sex in one day: 9 times
Sex: Like
Coming Inside: Dislike
Blowjobs: Like
Anal Sex: Dislike
Vibrators: Like
Lesbian Play: Dislike
Three-way: Hate
Masturbation: Love
Peeing: Like
Enemas: Hate
Coming on face: Dislike
Coming inside mouth: Dislike
S&M: Love
Sex outdoors: Like

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