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Annie Cruz

Annie Cruz (born November 6, 1984) is a Filipino American pornographic actress.

Early life

Cruz was born in Stockton, California, to Filipino parents, who raised her Catholic. She attended Brookside Christian High School, in Stockton, where she was involved in many activities such as cheerleading, drama club, yearbook, and journalism. At age 17, she graduated high school in the top 5% of her senior class and later moved to San Rafael, California, to attend Dominican University of California, a Catholic college, where she majored in print journalism. She later transferred to San Francisco State University in her sophomore year.

Adult industry work

In October 2003, she broke into the adult entertainment industry by way of an amateur producer in San Francisco, where she did her first girl-on-girl scene for She was just a month shy of turning 19 years old at the time. In May 2004, she made one of her first notable movies for the reality porn website Bang Bus; she appeared as "Kyra". By June 2004, she had moved to Los Angeles. Since her debut in the industry in 2003, she has appeared in over 450 movies.

Personal life

In 2004, Cruz met Jack Lawrence. They got married seven months later at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas for fans and the entire industry to witness. They divorced in June 2006, and she has since been dating someone new, an Iraq war veteran.

Other appearances and worK

* She appeared on an episode of MTV's dating show, Next, in 2006.
* She appeared on The Howard Stern Show on March 28, 2006. The episode made "Best of 2006" and was one of the most-talked about episodes of the year
* She made a re-appearance on The Howard Stern Show in May 2006 in Hedonism III in Jamaica.
* A self-proclaimed "computer nerd", Cruz designed and manages her own website as well as other adult paysites.
* Cruz had her own radio show on from 2004-2006.
* She also entered the boxing industry, training with one of Laila Ali's former trainers. She has since won two boxing matches and is currently undefeated. However, with regrets she eventually had to give up boxing out of risk of injury which would have conflicted with her porn career.
* She has made several appearances on WEW (Women's Extreme Wrestling)

Dirt Pipe Milk Shake Annie Cruz - 28 min

An Interview with Annie Cruz, Porn Star

First of all, could you introduce yourself to the unfortunate few of us who don't already know who you are ?

My name is Annie Cruz -- Adult Film Actress, Dominatrix, fetish model and webmistress/web designer. Given my last name, people often confuse my ethnic background, so I'd like to mention that I am mostly Filipina with a dash of Castillan Spanish and Scottish on the side.

You also have a website,, what can your fans expect to see on your site ?

Aside from the typical array of photos and videos, I have a video diary, several webcams that stream 24/7 all over my house (9 at most), and a personal diary. I have a variety of things on my site that range from solo glam to hardcore lesbian and boy/girl to fetish and bondage. There's a little bit of everything for everyone.

There are many porn performers out there, but only very few show the same enthusiasm about what they are doing as clearly as you do. Are you really that much into it, and do you really cum that much or are you just an amazing actress ?

I came into the business a bonafide porn-watching nymphomaniac. Porn has allowed me to express myself sexually. I wouldn't do anything on film that I wouldn't or haven't done in my personal life. I am multi-orgasmic and cum just the same on film as I do in the privacy of my bedroom. Sometimes it's difficult for me to fake it because I'll start to laugh (I've tried when directors ask me to orgasm on film again if the camera guy missed it).

Nudity seems to come very natural to you. Did you ever have a problem appearing in the nude in front of a camera ?
I've never had a problem, especially my first time appearing on camera. I am an exhibitionist by nature and a nudist at home. I have always been comfortable with nudity and believe everyone should be too.

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How did you actually get into doing porn in the first place ?

I was 18 years old and going to college in San Francisco. A friend of mine had asked me if I had considered doing modeling. Being the tomboy that I am, I dismissed the idea until I saw the website he had told me about, I saw several naked Asian women and thought to myself, "I could do that." Long story short, I contacted the webmaster, and we met. He's a San Francisco based photographer and webmaster, who immediately shot me. My first scene for him was a girl on girl scene, and after that, I was hooked! I wanted to do more, so I made my way to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo in January 2004. I was 19, when I finally made my way and moved to LA in June 2004.

You started out in the porn business in 2003 if I'm correct. Do you still remember your first shoot, and can you tell us what it was like ? Were you at all nervous to suddenly be performing in front of a camera ?

I was never nervous during my first time. I am bisexual and love women. My first scene was with an Asian model, who had never been with a woman before and clearly didn't like it. She had to fake everything with me (including cunnilingus), so it was very difficult for me to understand that there were other women like that in the business. I enjoyed myself despite the circumstances.

You do both boy-girl and girl-girl scenes. Which do you actually prefer ?

I love men and women equally, so I prefer boy/girl/girl scenes. I get the best of both worlds this way, and it's a lot of fun for me.

The one stupid question I just have to ask: Your favourite position ?

Cowgirl and doggie. For anal, I love reverse cowgirl.

Apart from just regular sex, you've also done quite some work for bondage and S/M sites like, both as dominatrix and submissive (and you seem to be doing both with the same enthusiasm). Which role do you actually prefer, and do you rather dominate men or women/are you rather dominated by a man or a woman (or more than one, actually) ?

I have an extremely dominant and aggressive personality. I love doing submissive roles because it allows me to test my strength as a sub as well as the ability to be able to dish out what has been given to me, when I domme. Although I love being the vulnerable submissive, I prefer to domme and have done more dominant roles in BDSM movies as I am one of's main Dommes. I love dominating men and women equally. Unlike other dommes, who prefer one over the other, I love dominating both. As for being submissive, I don't have a preference as to who is dominating me just so long as it is with a pro. It turns me on equally to be submissive to either men or women. I have several favorites in the business, who I have looked up to as Dommes, that have influenced me in my dominance. These people are: Claire Adams, Princess Donna and Mark Davis.

Two sites that have nothing to do with bondage and S/M are maybe worth mentioning, and I hope you can comment on them. There's the girl-girl (nude) wrestling site Ultimate Surrender and then there's the self-explanatory Fucking Machines.

A lot of people have a misconception of Ultimate Surrender, assuming that it is all fake. It is 100% real, and there have been unfortunate times of people getting hurt. I love that they have just recently started doing live tag team shows in which a live audience can come and watch. When I did my first live match, one of my opponents was injured and a lot of people came up to me after the match, mentioning how they thought that Ultimate Surrender was fake until they watched it with their own eyes. It's a very intense sport regardless of the fact that there is nudity and a bit of a sexual twist involved. While some wrestlers are new, others know what they're doing and often have some sort of experience with grappling whether it be Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo or something else. With my previous boxing experience, wrestling was a whole new world for me to explore. I work out every week and train with other wrestlers to gain more experience.

As for Fucking Machines, I love it! No one has given me explosive orgasms like a machine has. I've had many memorable moments squirting with some of them as well. As much as I enjoy the different machines, I wouldn't give up the real thing for it. But my oh my ... what I would do to own a machine or two!

No Annie Cruz-interview would of course be complete without touching your special squirting skills. Could you tell us a little about this amazing special talent of yours ?

I was 18 years old, when I first discovered that I could do such a thing, and at the time, I had no idea what I had just done. Lucky for me, the guy that I was with knew exactly what had happened, and that's when I learned about female ejaculation. It wasn't until my 4th or 5th scene in the business that I truly discovered what I could do. It was a gradual build-up. When I was 19, I could only do it with a skilled person, who knew how to use their fingers properly. By 20, I was able to do it from having sex. Finally, at 21, I had mastered the art and had the ability to control it. I won Adam Film Award for Squirt Queen of the Year 2008.

Speaking of squirting, you once gave a memorable performance on the Howard Stern Show, memonrable at least to one of his cast members. What can you tell us about that ?

It was an accident, when I got Gary in the eye. Personally, I thought it was funny until I watched the video and saw the AIDs paranoia/panic he was having. It was a huge insult to me because our indsutry is one of the cleanest, and for that incident to portray the way it did on television/radio, I feel that they perpetuated the stereotype that most people already have about our industry.

Apart from Howard Stern, you have at one point also been associated with the Nasty Boyz, who do a somewhat similar but perhaps even dirtier show. What can you tell us about your experiences with them ?

They are a funny duo. Every show that I did for them, I fisted my ass. They are always in awe with whatever I end up doing, when I am around with. It's always a great time with those two.

What would you say are the definitive Annie Cruz-performances out there on DVD, and what are simply must-haves for Annie Cruz-fans ?

Jason Colt: Mystery of the Sexy Diamonds by Private Films --- I have 2 sex scenes, and the feature film itself is worth watching because of the mainstream appeal it has.
Crimes of the Cunt by Evil Angel -- intense performance with Bobbi Starr and Manuel Ferrarra.
Asian Fucking Nation by Evil Angel -- scene with Mark Ashley and Arcadia.

For all of my squirting fans, I would recommend almost anything by Elegant Angel:

Supersquirt 3
Swallow My Squirt 3 (I have 2 scenes)
Swallow My Squirt 4
Swallow My Squirt 5 (I have 2 scenes)
Swallow My Squirt 6
Squirt in my Gape 2 (I have 2 scenes)
Squirt Gangbang 1 and 3

Are there actually shoots you are especially proud of, or do you pretty much enjoy them all equally ?

For the most part, I enjoy them equally. However, I'd have to say most if not all my work for makes me proud. It's different from regular porn because it takes more work and effort to be a Dominatrix. I am constantly looking forward to my work from them to see how a scene ends up, when it's been edited. If there's anything I can say I am proud of, it would be my movies for Kink.

What are some Annie Cruz-movies to really look forward to ? And did I get it right that you have actually just shot a film with Private ?

I shot Jason Colt: Mystery of the Sexy Diamonds for Private. It's like James Bond meets porn. The production values are phenomonal, and it's a project that I am very proud to have been a part of. I think fans will appreciate the mainstream appeal that it has. If fans don't mind artsy film-making mixed with an action-packed thrill-ride, they will probably like this movie.

In your shoots, who were the performers you particularly enjoyed to work with ?

For regular porn, I enjoy working with Lee Stone, Manuel Ferrarra, Michael Stefano, Harmony, and Mika Tan.
For bondage BDSM, I enjoy working with Mark Davis, Claire Adams, Princess Donna, Isis Love, Harmony among the various subs that I have been priviledged to work with.

Is there anyone you would love to work with but simply haven't yet ?

Lorelei Lee (we have dommed together, and I've squirted on her before but never actually done a scene with her).

Some people you really look up to - both inside and outside the industry ?

Honestly, I'm going to avoid being cliché and say that I really don't have anyone that I look up to. No one in this world has done anything extraordinary to make me aspire to be like them. I suppose I could say that anyone who does charity work is worthy of admiration.

Your favourite porn movies (you do not star in) ?

I've always been a fan of Belladonna's movies. Not too many companies produce a lot of girl/girl lesbian titles. Belladonna has a variety of girl/girl movies that I've been fond of that you don't really find in ones by other companies. I worked with her once years ago for Evil Pink 2, when I was still new, and I would love to work with her again.

Unfortunately, not even you can remain a performer forever. Do you have any plans for afterwards ?

If you would've asked me this question 3 years ago, I would have said producing my own movies as I have all my own equipment. Ideally, I would love to build my own dungeon and get on the production side of fetish and bondage. It's all a learning experience for me still, but I've decided that I would love to retire in Europe. Perhaps build my own dungeon somewhere in Europe and travel the world. I'd love to live in Amsterdam in the next 2 years as it has been my goal for quite some time.

Porn and relationships: As far as I know, off-screen you are in a serious relationship - and your partner knows of course what you are doing. Does your job sometimes get in the way of your lovelife, and are you absolutely monogamous off-screen or do you enjoy a swinger lifestyle ?

My job does not get in the way of my relationship, and my boyfriend has no qualms with what I do. Unlike many women, who date outside the industry and rarely have sex at home, my sex life at home is extremely healthy. When I was married, my husband and I were hardcore swingers. My boyfriend and I have been together two years, and he does not really care to be swingers as he is happy with me. We have had our share of fun times with other people together, but as it stands, he and I are content being monogamous. He and I are open-minded, so we have fun with other people together out of recreation.

As I understand, one of your hobbies is boxing. What I don't understand though, how do making porn and amateur boxing go together ?

Honestly, it doesn't, haha. It's the main reason why I quit. I was training under Phil Paolina, who trained with Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter. I really enjoyed it, and I trained hardcore 5 days a week. After my last win, I stopped. Aside from schedule conflicts with making time to train and work out, it all came down to risk of getting injured. I had to make a choice, so I quit boxing and continued my porn career. My trainer truly believed I had what it took to go Pro, but it was something I had to push back. I really miss it. Maybe one day I will get back into it. I love grappling/wrestling, but it's not the same.

As far as I know you are also into horror movies, and since one focus of this site is horror cinema as such - what are your favourite shockers, both favourite recent releases and all-time favourites ?

I know I've left out a lot of titles that I cannot think of at the top of my head. However, as a side note, I'd like to add that given the hype with The Audition, if anyone thinks this movie is scary, they should probably stick to watching The Smurfs. I found the movie to be completely over-rated and it does not contend to the brutality and suspense that High Tension has.

Any other hobbies ?

Comic books and graphic novels -- I am a HUGE Batman fan. He's my absolute favorite hero. I have a huge collection of different comics from DC and Marvel to Image and Vertigo. Aside from other comic book heroes, The Walking Dead series, Y: The Last Man and Sin City are worth mentioning. Frank Miller. Dame Darcy. Jim Lee. Neil Gaiman. I also love drawing my own comics; been doing so since I was about 9 or 10 and continue to do so today.
Computers and web design -- been doing web design since I was 13 and have enjoyed playing with computers since I was 8. I am both Mac and PC proficient. I am also my own webmaster for I design and maintain the site on my own. I am one of the few women in the business, who do so.
Video games -- I am into RPGs, first-person shooters, and survival horror. Final Fantasy, Halo, God of War, Gears of War, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, just to name a few of the things I have played and beaten. I am pretty damn good at puzzle games as well. I could beat anyone at Super Puzzle Fighter and Tetris.
Other hobbies include playing drums, singing, dancing, skateboarding, boxing/wrestling, art, and writing.

Anything else you would just love to mention but didn't have the chance yet ?

I like to believe that I am walking proof that Porn Stars aren't all dumbasses. So don't judge a book by its cover and remember: Life is too short to give a fuck about what other people think. If anyone wants to know more about me or simply want to talk video games, horror movies or anything else, feel free to contact me as I answer all fan mail and emails personally!

Thank you so much for the interview,
and good luck with anything you're doing !

Annie Cruz and Allison Pierce - 31 min

Annie Cruz, la actriz porno más guarra del mundo

Si nos referimos a la versatilidad en el porno, el nombre de Annie Cruz debe mencionarse aparte. Desde su primera aparición en la industria del sexo en 2003, bajo el nombre de Kyra y de la mano de BangBros, esta californiana de raices filipinas ha tocado todos los palos imaginables del porno en más de 400 películas: GangBang, Doble Anal, Squirting, fetichismo, Sado…

Una versatilidad que además ha llevado a la buena de Annie a pelear en combates de boxeo, diseñar su propia red de webs porno y hacer un cameo en el programa Next de la MTV. En cualquier caso y si hoy la traemos por aquí es para evaluar su nominación en los últimos premios F.A.M.E. como “la actriz más guarra del mundo”. Un premio que solo por el nombre puedes imaginar como se las gasta nuestra protagonista…

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