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Lacey Duvalle

Aliases: Pebbles, Lacy Duval, Lacy Duvalle, Lacey Duvall, Lacey DeVal, Lacy
Name: Lacey Duvalle
Body type: Average
Ass: Big Ass
Ethnicity: Black
Hair color: Brunette
Tit type: Enhanced
Pussy type: Innie
Pussy hair: Landing Strip
Tit size: Large Tits

Born in Washington, D.C., Lacey moved to Los Angeles at age six. At eighteen, she began her career under the pseudonym of 'Pebbles' before adopting her current stage name. Her screen debut was in Dirty Debutantes, which began filming two days after her eighteenth birthday. She signed an exclusive contract with Vivid Team and quickly became a prominent black female performer, alongside Obsession, Diana Devoe and Ayana Angel. One of her primary attributes is her 34C chest size stacked upon a relatively small and petite body frame. In addition to her industry work, Duvalle has appeared on television programs including The Tera Patrick Show (2002) and The Howard Stern Show (2004). She has performed both straight and lesbian scenes, and is one of the top stars within the industry.

Tras mirar su carita aniñada, parece mentira que estemos hablando de toda una veterana del porno. De la jovencita de esbelta figura que era cuando debutó, ya poco queda.

Todavía conserva esa pícara sonrisa de niña traviesa, pero con los años sus formas se han ido haciendo cada vez más rotundas dejando claro que hoy día es una mujer de armas tomar y la poseedora de uno de los cuerpos más apetecibles de este negocio.

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Lacey Duvalle (née le 5 avril 1982 à Washington, D.C. aux États-Unis) est une actrice pornographique américaine


De Washington, Lacey arrive à Los Angeles à six ans. Elle débute sa carrière à 18 ans sous le pseudonyme Pebbles avant d’adopter son nom actuel. Avant d’entrer dans le X elle faisait des études pour devenir infirmière.

En 2000, son premier tournage commença juste deux jours après son dix-huitième anniversaire. Ses débuts à l’écran eurent lieu dans les films pornographiques More black dirty debutantes #27 et Black Cheerleaders #38. Elle devint rapidement une des actrices afro-américaine de premier plan, rejoignant ainsi ses aînées Obsession[1], Vanessa Blue ou Diana DeVoe. Elle tourne aussi bien des scènes hétérosexuelles que homosexuelles.

En mars 2002, un article lui est consacré dans la version américaine de Playboy. En 2008 le rappeur Charles Hamilton lui a fait une chanson.

Au 1er janvier 2009, Lacey Duvalle a tourné dans 80 films, d’après le site IMDb.

Mensurations, tatouages et poitrine

Elle mesure 1,57 m (ou 1,60 m) pour 48 kg (au début de sa carrière ; elle a ensuite pris un peu de poids) et ses mensurations sont 90D-55-85. Elle porte très souvent de grandes boucles d’oreilles en anneaux, dites créoles.

En 2002, elle ne possédait qu’un seul papillon tatoué à droite de son nombril, comme on peut le voir sur ses photos et vidéos de l’époque. Ensuite, à ce premier papillon elle en a ajouté deux autres ainsi que six fleurs. Elle a aussi rajouté un tatouage au poignet droit, au coude droit (une grande croix, assez difficile à voir) et un dernier sur la cuisse droite (une grande rose).

À la suite de ça, elle a subi deux augmentations mammaires successives.

Lacey Duvalle
Lacey Duvalle Classic Porn Videos

Lacey Duvalle is originally from Washington DC but she moved to Los Angeles with her mother at an early age and considers herself to be a California girl.

When Lacey was 18 she answered an ad for a modeling photo shoot and after finding out it would be a nude modeling job she took two days to make up her mind. One of the things that convinced her porn was the right way to go was the supportive attitude of everyone at Ed Powers production company, including former black pornstar Obsession.

Her role in Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes was filmed just two days after her 18th Birthday. As Lacy explained in an interview published online, her meeting with Obsession and her understanding of how successful and popular porn had helped her to become was a key part of her decision to enter adult entertainment.

When asked about the support of her friends and family once she started making adult films, Duvalle reportedly replied: "Oh yes, everyone has been really supportive. I’m sure some people talk behind my back, but everyone who matters has been cool about it."

Fans of Lacey Duvalle are unanimous in their love of her all natural big tits and her thin petite body, but there is some amount of frustration over the fact that she has only appeared in a handful of films. With less than 100 scenes in all the time she starred in porn, and never agreeing to have anal sex on camera, some believe Lacey Duvalle never reached her true potential as a xxx hardcore slut.

According to Lacey, part of the reason why she did so few films is that she was a contract girl for a long part of her porn career with a company named "Video Team" and while she loved working with everything there, it did limit the number of porn films she could star in during that time.

Lacey Duvalle has said that her favorite films to star in were “Sista #13” and “No Man’s Land Interracial Edition” with Inari Vachs.

Lacey Duvalle and Vixen - 24 min

She has also said that she is equally comfortable getting fucked by white men, black men, white women or black women. She is bisexual and very much into interracial sex. As poof of her equal opportunity sexual cravings, Mark Davis is the only man who has ever made her pussy squirt upon orgasm but Mandingo (and his 13 inch cock) is the one Lacey says she remembers riding most vividly.

Unlike many of the modern pornstars, Lacey began her career with a perfect pair of natural 34C tits stacked on her tiny 108 pound petite body. Toward the end of her porn film making profession she made the mistake of increasing her size and adding fake tit implants.

Lacey Duvalle quit the porn movie industry in July 2006 after filming for "Ghetto Gaggers" and has not resurfaced in adult films since then.

She appeared on The Tera Patrick Show in 2002 and The Howard Stern Show in 2004. She was also featured as one of the 'ten sexiest women in porn' edition of Playboy Magazine before leaving the limelight of erotic entertainment.

Her natural tits, willingness to be used submissively in interracial porn films, acceptance of all 13 inches of Mandingo's cock in her pussy without flinching and warm on-screen personality have been enough to get Lacey nominated for induction in the official porn hall of fame here on Hall Of Fame Porn. However, the small number of films she starred in, the refusal to perform anal sex on camera and her sudden retirement from smut film making have definitely been part of the reason why members have voted for other professional pornstars to get enshrined ahead of Lacey Duvalle.

Lacey Duvalle - Rap Video Auditions - 30 min

Lacey Duvalle Interview - Lacey Duvalle's Movies
Jan 2002

Thank you for coming off the floor for a few moments to do this interview.

You are very welcome.

And may I add that you are looking very beautiful today.

Thank you very much. That’s so nice to hear.

Since we’re in the Elegant Angel booth, let’s talk a little bit about the Elegant titles that you’ve been in.

I have done Freakazoids and Sugar Walls and an internal movie.

Internally Yours?

That’s the one.

Where are you from?

I am from Washington DC originally. I moved to Los Angeles with my mother when I was about six and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

So basically you’re a California girl.

All the way.

How old are you now?

I’m nineteen now, I will be twenty in April.

Very young.

That’s right, young stuff.

What were you like growing up?

I was a pretty normal kid, got out of hand now and then, but nothing too bad.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be surprised to see what you’re doing?

A lot of them know and yeah, they are surprised, but not too much.

Lacey Duvalle - Dark Side Of Marco Banderas - 28 min


I was always a bit of an exhibitionist so they can’t be too shocked.

Have you gotten good feedback from them?

Oh yes, everyone has been really supportive. I’m sure some people talk behind my back, but everyone who matters has been cool about it.

What was your first movie?

Dirty Debutantes for Ed Powers.

Were you nervous?

Not at all.

Are you lying?

Yeah, OK I was a little nervous, but that passed quickly.

So when you finished that first scene, you had no doubt that you wanted to do more?

None whatsoever.

When was that?

Almost two years ago.

How long after you turned eighteen did Ed get you?

Two days after my birthday.

Had you been thinking about doing movies before then?

No, I really hadn’t. I met my manager on the day I turned eighteen and he talked me into it.

In your two years, how many movies have you made?

About fifty or so.

That’s not a lot.

No, I haven’t been working all that much. I was under contract for Video Team for a year and a half. That limited my movies.

You’re no longer under contract?

That’s right, I’m working free lance now.

Do you like that better?

No, I prefer being under contract. I would like to be a contract girl again.

Any idea who you would like to work for?

I don’t know, maybe Elegant Angel will sign me.

That would be a good move.

It would be a very good move for them. They would be doing a smart thing business wise.

What do you think is your best movie?

That would have to be “Sista 13” and “No Man’s Land Interracial Edition” with Inari Vachs. Both of those are from Video Team.

Inari is very pretty.

She is very pretty and very hot. I like her a lot.

Do you have any favorite guys to work with?

That would have to be Mark Davis. I love working with him. He is the only guy who has ever made me squirt. He’s a very special guy.

He is a little on the big side.

Oh no, he’s good sized, but I love working with Mandingo and he’s huge.

What about favorite girls?

I love working with Crystal Knight. She does it for me. I love Mocha, Inari and I want to do a scene with Ice.

Is there anyone else you haven’t worked with, but want to?

Not really. I have worked with just about everyone I have wanted.

Did you watch porn before you got into it?

No, but there was one person I knew before I got in the business and she is probably the only person I will ever really be a fan of.

Who is that?

Obsession. She was the first girl I saw in porn. It’s really because of her that I’m porn. She was with my manager when I met him. He thinks it’s because of him, but it’s really because of Obsession.

Do you like girls off screen?

I love girls all the time.

You said you love Mark, so you’re OK working with white guys?

Yes, I like working with white guys. I like Pat Myne and some other white guys as well.

Is there anything you don’t do on camera?

Currently, I am not doing anal.

Is that something you would consider?

Maybe in my private life, but not on camera.

So what you’re saying is that we need to get Lexington Steele and Mandingo in here to do double anal on you?

Yeah sure. Why not. Mandingo and Lex double anal, why the fuck not?

That will get you a contract.

That will get me a broke ass.

What about facials?

Facials are fine; I love it on my face.

And it’s such a pretty face.

Thank you.

Have you done some magazine layouts that we can see?

Yes, I have done a number of them. The one that is really important out next month is the March issue of Playboy. They did a list of the ten hottest porn stars and I was lucky enough to make that list.

That’s a great thing.

It’s huge. I can’t wait for the magazine to come out.

Was that fun?

It was great fun. I met all of the other girls from the list. Jenna Jameson is very cool, everyone was great.

Is there a web site where we can see you?

My web site is not up currently, but it will be and it should be up soon.

Last year you signed at the Video Team booth, have you noticed a different crowd reaction this year?

I actually like signing at this booth better because it’s so much more upbeat and fun. Last year it was more quiet and boring. This is a little rowdy and I like that.

I think that’s all I’ve got.

Great, thanks a lot Roger.


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