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Lisa Sparxxx

Age: 32
Tattoos: Six, can you find them?
Date of Birth: Oct 6th
My Sign: Libra
Measurements: 36DD-32-40
Pets: Two ragdoll cats
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY.
Favorite Type of Porn: Amateur, Gonzo
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hair Color: Brunette w/highlights
Favorite Sex Toy: Men
Eye Color: Green and/or Blue
Favorite Position: Doggie and Missionary
Piercings: Two each ear
How many years in porn: Eight years!

Lisa Sparxxx (born October 6, 1976 in Bowling Green, Kentucky) is the stage name of an American pornographic film actress. Sparxxx is a world record holder for having had sex with the most partners in one day. She achieved this world gangbang record with 919 men on October 16, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland as part of the Third Annual World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon 2004.

Before she entered the adult entertainment industry, Sparxxx was a college student, and later earned a Master of Arts degree in Multimedia with a minor in Business at the University of Kentucky. To pay her way through university, she worked in and managed a hair salon.

Entering the industry in 2002 by creating her own website,, she first appeared in a video release in 2003 titled Dirtier Debutants #4 with Ed Powers. She has also previously hosted KSEX Radio.

Sparxxx appeared in Season 2 of The WB, The Surreal Life, where it was edited so that it seemed like she was offering Erik Estrada oral sex. This took place during Ron Jeremy's topless porn-star pool party. She also appeared in hip hop artist MURS' music video Risky Business featuring Shock G off of his record The End of the Beginning, along with fellow actress Olivia O'lovely.

Lisa Sparxxx played Meiko in The Witch's Sabbath, a 2005 horror by director Jeff Leroy.

Sparxxx has been married since 1995, and contrary to some rumors was never married to a celebrity. &


Lisa Sparxxx talks about gang bang record

Pornstar Lisa Sparxxx graciously agreed to take time out of her busy schedule and do an interview with me. Lisa is a gang bang queen who holds the world record gang bang shot in Poland in 2004. She fucks like a sex machine that just can't stop, and should be classified as a "world wonder".

Author: Jonathan.L, Top Porn Stars interviews
December 2009
* Lisa, how are you?

Lisa Sparxxx: I am fantastic thanks for asking.

* I wish to start our interview from your childhood. Would you please share a little bit about your family background?

Lisa Sparxxx: I am not sure that anyone would find it interesting since it was very normal...nothing significant happend when I was a

* Please tell me about your famous gangbang record that transformed you into a legendary gangbang queen. How many men fucked you there? How much time each of them had inside you, and how long was the event?

Lisa Sparxxx: That was a long day we had about 200 guys that rotated for the 919 for the time they only had 30 seconds each and let me tell you they were just as tired as I was when we were done 7 1/2 hours later.

* What made you participate in the event?

Lisa Sparxxx: I wanted to do something that had not been done in a long time...and I happen to like men so it was the perfect fit and something that will probably not be tried again for a while.
Lisa Sparxxx

Lisa Sparxxx.
Official website:

* How were the lucky men chosen?

Lisa Sparxxx: I have no idea how the company in Poland did the screening of the guys....I just showed up and did my job!

* Did you feel the same during all the fucks? Or did it get more and more painful as the fucks continued consecutively?

Lisa Sparxxx: The longer it went on it wasn't painful it was just tiring...I don't normally have my legs working that hard for 7 hours straight (smiles).

* How has the award changed your career and even your life?

Lisa Sparxxx: I don't think that it has changed anything in either part of my life...I am still the same and as for career it really didn't get noticed by too many people other then my fans

* A niche strategy is an approach that focuses on a narrow market segment that its resources and capabilities can exploit. Would you say you've adopted a "gangbang niche strategy"? Why yes or not?

Lisa Sparxxx: I have tried not to adopt niche's because it limits your potential but I have a firm hold on the gangbang scene along with interracial and milf too....I like to think that I can be most known for being easy to approach and being one of the nicest girls in the business as well as all the things I have done on film

* Describe the dirtiest sex scene you've had.

Lisa Sparxxx: I think they are all dirty that's they way that I like to make it....but my JM Productions Gag Factor is pretty dirty if you dig that sort of thing!

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* How would you describe your pussy?

Lisa Sparxxx: I have a puffy pussy and it is still cute and tight even after all these years and dicks (smiles).

* When was the first time you had sex with no emotional attachment?

Lisa Sparxxx: I have had lots of sex with no emotional don't have to love someone to have matter what people say it's just an action it's just different when you are in love!

* What’s the difference between fucking and making love?

Lisa Sparxxx: Nothing if your not in love with the person then your just's the feelings you have for your partner that change it.

* Are you dominant or submissive in sex?

Lisa Sparxxx: I am very submissive to a point....but I can be dominant too (smiles).

* How often do you think about sex?

Lisa Sparxxx: surprisingly very little....I don't need to think about it when you do it for a living it's only mentioned about 900 times a day by fans and others

* Let's talk about the double standard on acceptable sexual behavior for men and women. Why are men encouraged to pursue sex more than women and how can we get out of this situation?

Lisa Sparxxx: I have no idea....I have a child and I would tell her the same things that I was wait til your married or at the very least in a serious relationship before you decide to have sex so that you know the consequence of your action if there is one...and be smart and safe and things are great...but you must seek out your sexuality or it is not healthy to keep that inside and never let it out...just figure out what makes you happy and go for it!

* You are married for 14 years!!! It's very rare in the porn biz… Does he love watching you fucking other guys?

Lisa Sparxxx: He probably did when I first started but now it gets old for him to have to edit and watch everything...just like any other job it's always new at the beginning but it can get tedious so we try and not focus on work when we don't have to

* What are you hobbies?

Lisa Sparxxx: I don't really have hobbies...I play tennis alot during the summer and I have an addiction to my I love to just sit and watch all types of things it's never to late to learn something (smiles).

* What are your plans for Christmas?

Lisa Sparxxx: I cook Christmas dinner for my family so they all head to my house and we watch a large amount of football and basketball and get to really spend quality time with no phones or computers to interrupt us....the one day of the year I actually turn off my phone and only check my email once in the morning.....I try to shut out the world and just enjoy the holiday spirit and the company I keep that day!


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