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Victoria Zdrok

Victoria Nika Zdrok (born March 3, 1973[1]) is an actress, author, and model. She was chosen as a Playboy Playmate in October 1994. In June 2002 she became Penthouse magazine's Pet of the Month, later being chosen as their 2004 Penthouse Pet of the Year. Zdrok is a star of adult porn videos, a non-practicing attorney, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist.

Early life

Victoria Zdrok was born on March 3, 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine.[1] She graduated from Pensacola Junior College in Florida at age 17 and West Chester University in Pennsylvania at age 18 with a B.A.[4] She earned a J.D. degree from the Law School at Villanova University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Drexel University.[5] She aimed to specialize in the "area where law and psychology intersect" and originally intended to become a jury consultant. She later completed a post-doctoral qualification in sex therapy at the New Jersey School of Medicine.[5]
[edit] Personal life

In January 2001, her ex-husband, Alexander Zdrok, sued her for monetary damages under their 1996 divorce property settlement, in which Victoria agreed to pay Alexander 15% of earnings from her work for the next decade. Victoria claimed the settlement was invalid, and sought to seal the trial, but the court declined to do so. She appealed and lost this issue.

On December 9, 2003, she settled with her husband for US$50,000. Afterwards, her ex-husband’s lawyer, Elliot Goldberg, expressed disappointment over not being able to reveal intimate details about Victoria Zdrok.[6]

In March 2004, after Zdrok was named Penthouse Pet of the Year, Alexander Zdrok again sued to overturn the most recent settlement. Judge Carroll Cody chastised him for filing the suit, but also said that while she did not consider Victoria Zdrok entirely truthful, there was no evidence that she would have known that she was going to receive $100,000 at the time of the settlement.[7]

On December 12, 2009 Victoria admitted that she married Alexander Zdrok primarily with the intention to get a Green Card.[8]

Victoria Zdrok has a daughter, Silvana, with John Wilson.[9]
[edit] Career

Zdrok was crowned Philadelphia's "Best Beauty" in August 1994. In October of the same year she became a Playboy centerfold. In an interview, Zdrok claimed she would have been selected Playmate of the Year over Julie Lynn Cialini except for false rumors Zdrok said were circulated about her.[10]

Zdrok appeared in Penthouse as their June 2002 Pet of the Month. In 2004, at the age of 30, she was named Penthouse Pet of the Year. She is the second centerfold, after Linn Thomas, to be both a Playboy Playmate and a Penthouse Pet.

Zdrok has performed in adult films, including such as Lesbians in Lust, Assturbators 2, and The Best of Victoria Zdrok.[11]

Dr. Zdrok is currently the official spokesperson in a late night infomercial for Extamax, a male enhancement pill.[12][13]

Victoria Zdrok (full name Victoria Nika Zelenetskaya) was born on March 3, 1973 in Kiev, Ukraine (then part of the Soviet Union) . The daughter of a photojournalist and a university professor, Victoria chafed against the repressive Soviet system as she was growing up.

Biography and Career :

At the age of 9, she demonstrated her defiance by destroying part of her school uniform during a state-sponsored ceremony at her school. While this left a black mark on her record, Victoria Zdrok persevered in her studies and eventually made headlines when she became, at age 16, the first Soviet teenager to come to the United States as part of an exchange program. Her 1989 trip came about thanks as much, no doubt, to glasnost as to her excellent grades.

Victoria Zdrok was eager to take
advantage of her historic opportunity, and she quickly graduated from Pensacola Junior College at age 17. In order to stay in America, she married an Alexander Zdrok in October of 1990.Apparently, the marriage quickly went sour. Alexander Zdrok was disbarred by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1991 for forgery and deception. He was abusive to Victoria Zdrok, once being arrested and jailed. There were purported threats from her husband's Mafia connections. In 1996, now 23 years old, Victoria Zdrok sought a divorce. By this time, Victoria Zdrok was a sought-after model. To get the divorce and end the abuse, Victoria Zdrok was compelled to sign under threat of injury and death, without having her own attorney, a Marital Settlement Agreement in which she agreed to pay her ex-husband 15% of all her future earnings from "pictorials, television, national and international films" and related ventures for ten years after their divorce.

While she was married with Alexander Zdrok began studies at Pennsylvania's West Chester University. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at age 18, graduating with a 3.96 GPA.
Her academic efforts paid off, and Victoria was accepted into a highly competitive joint law/psychology doctorate program hosted by Villanova University and Hahnemann Medical School.

Victoria Zdrok Is Pet of the Year :

Victoria Zdrok's academic career was put on hold in October of 1994, when she became Playboy's Playmate of the Month. This wouldn't be a one-time event; Victoria Zdrok went on to appear in dozens of Playboy foreign editions, special editions and catalogs. In spite of the regular shoots, Victoria Zdrok never quite felt at home in the Hugh Hefner's world.

Victoria Zdrok - A Penthouse Pet :

In 2002, Victoria Zdrok ditched Playboy for good, becoming a Penthouse Pet instead. In doing so, Victoria Zdrok became only the second woman, after Linn Thomas, to land both titles. In June of 2003, Victoria Zdrok reached another milestone, earning her Ph.D. in clinical psychology after 11 years of hard work.

Victoria Zdrok Becomes Dr. Zdork :

Victoria Zdrok's achievements were overshadowed the following year, when she found herself caught up in a nasty court battle with her ex-husband over their 1996 divorce settlement. He claimed that she was under-representing her earnings; she countered that she had been pressured into their former agreement, and that her website was losing money due to Internet piracy. The case was settled when an in-court settlement was enforced.

Even in the midst of her legal turmoil, not everything was going badly for Victoria Zdrok. She was chosen as 2004's Penthouse Pet of the Year, and went on tour to promote the magazine. Victoria Zdrok also became an author, putting her psychological expertise to work in writing The Anatomy of Pleasure: The Head to Toe Guide to Better Sex. Victoria continues to live in and work out of New York.

Appearances in Playboy Special Editions :

Playboy's Playmate Review Vol. 11 May 1995.
Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 58 November 1997 - Gen Nishino.
Playboy's Nude Playmates April 1998.
Playboy's Girls of Summer May 1998.
Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 62 July 1998.
Playboy's Girlfriends July 1998.
Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 63 September 1998.
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Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 65 January 1999.
Playboy's Celebrating Centerfolds Vol. 2 April 1999.
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Playboy's Barefoot Beauties Vol. 1 December 1999.
Playboy's Wet & Wild December 1999.
Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 71 January 2000
Playboy's Book of Lingerie Vol. 73 May 2000.
Playboy's Sexy 100 February 2003.

Conversations with Victoria Zdrok

Porn Valley- Victoria Zdrok- make that Dr.Victoria Zdrok [everybody's a doctor these days] was on PervertRadio,, Tuesday night on the Paul & Mike Show. Zdrok was talking about her book. Everybody's writing a book these days. What the hell is this?

It was mentioned that Zdrok,, was the first Ukraine student permitted to study in the U.S. "She was hailed by the media as a messenger of peace and international cooperation," said Paul in making the intros. Zdrok was Penthouse Pet of the Year for 2004, a Playboy Playmate- Miss October, 1994; and a Penthouse Pet, Miss June 2002. Zdrok, according to her bio, also graduated college at the age of 18 in the top 1% of her class. She also holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology besides having graduated law school. Zdrok also has a GPA of 3.96.

However there was no mention of either Zdrok's advanced studies in nuclear fission or her efforts to dispel the popular notion that the height of the Great Pyramid times its pyramidion multiplied by 10 to the fifth power is equal to the circumference of the earth. That would probably be left for another interview.

Such as it was, Zdrok's interview addressed some weighty but interesting sexual subjects including fetishes.

"I'm a bookworm that really turned to the adult industry to advance my education," Zdrok explained. Zdrok said she stumbled upon a career in the sex industry more or less. She mentioned how she married her ex-husband at the age of 17 for green card purposes. Zdrok then found herself in graduate school without a clue of how to support herself. "Playboy came along and offered me $20,000 to shed my clothes." Zdrok said she never followed the lure of Hollywood but stayed in school to finish her law degree.

"I'm a member of the New York-New Jersey bar," she added. Zdrok said along with being a clinical psychologist she has a post grad in sex therapy. "And I'm a lawyer but I don't really practice law," said Zdrok who went to law school right out of college. "I discovered it wasn't something I really wanted to do later on. So I backed it up with my Ph.D."

According to Zdrok, she also has a column in Penthouse which is called On the Docket. "It deals with cases of sexuality and the law in the United States." Zdrok's last column concerned an Ashcroft decision. "The one before that was the famous Texas case in which a woman got arrested for selling a vibrator."

Hearing all of Zdrok's credits, one of the show's hosts, Christine, practically apologized for her high school diplona. Zdrok said, on the other hand, a lot of people with their degrees are boring and narrow minded. "They don't know anything outside their profession." Zdrok said she meets high school dropouts that are both erudite and interesting.

"I don't think it's about how many degrees you have," she said. "It's mostly about intellectual curiosity." Zdrok says she knows of one Playmate who's written a book but is a high school dropout. "She's very eloquent and writes really well."

It was suspected that Zdrok, who also speaks five foreign languages, has an enormous I.Q. But Zdrok didn't seem to have three digit number at the ready. Paul thought she must also be a card-carrying Mensa member. Zdrok said no but she was qualified. "But I never bothered," she said. "You have to pay the membership dues and hefty annual fees and I have nothing to prove. I have more degrees than a thermometer."

Zdrok said her immediate goal was to reform the repressive sexual climate in this country. To that end, Zdrok wrote a book called The Anatomy of Pleasure: The Heads to Toe Guide to Better Sex. "It's a guide to better sex."

Zdrok said the 200-page book would eventually be available in Barnes & Noble as well as "But right now it's on" Zdrok claims she picked that site because it pays her higher commissions. "I'm on the cover and the illustrations inside." Zdrok noted that if guys didn't care about reading the book, the photos are of her naked.

Zdrok said, through her website, she's been interacting with guys for the last six years. "I know men are extremely visual creatures- women are becoming more so- but men are particularly responsive to visual stimulation." Zdrok notes that she's one of the first Playmates to start up a website with the controversy being documented on VH1. "Because I started the rogue Playmate trend, I was one of the first to be banished from the mansion, officially." Besides that, Zdrok joked that being Pet of the Year might create a conflict of interest if she had any thoughts about a reconciliation with Hefner.

It was pointed out that Playboy, by having a deal with Vivid, is adhering to hypocritical standards of its own. "They can line their pockets with the profits from all kinds of hardcore," Zdrok said. "They have an extremely hardcore channel. But they want their Playmates pure on the pedestal and probably broke." Zdrok said her Planet Victoria site probably has more than 10,000 photos including video clips. In her book, Zdrok said she breaks down each body part and the pleasures that can be derived.

"Men are genitally centered," said Zdrok who notes that men might pay attention to the boobs but often go straight for the genitals. "Or, even worse, go straight for the genitals." Which is a shame, said Zdrok because nearly every bodypart is capable of giving and receiving some sort of stimulation. "If you include all of your body parts in a sexual experience, it's a much more full, satisfying experience." In her book, Zdrok also talks about handjobs for both sexes, as well as G-spot stimulation and the technques. "I cover anal stimulation, anal sex and all the stuff it takes." Zdrok also addresses penis size and whether size matters. "I have a whole scientific description of that very important issue for men."

Zdrok notes that the majority of men are of average size and includes photos of what average looks like. "The average men should be able to satisy any woman," she contends. "It's more about the angle of the penetration. An average man has no problem. Zdrok said the vagina is only 3 to 4 inches as it is. "They can lengthen to accommodate a penis, but you don't really need a larger penis." Zdrok's contention is that the idea of a large penis is more psychological for women. "The sight of seeing a large phallus might get them excited but that doesn't mean it's more exciting." By the same token, Zdrok said some men get more excfited by seeing large breasts. "It's a more exciting visual, but it's really about the fit between people. The fit is very important. It's all about the fit. There's a lid for every pot."

Zdrok also talked about a condition called micro phallus which would warrant penis enlargement surgery. "If you have a micro phallus it's probably very hard to satisfy a woman." But Zdrok is also quick to point out that she's had a breast augmentation. "They wouldn't have defied gravity for ten years." Zdrok said that most women are of the opinion that bras save their breasts from sagging. "That's not true," she pointed out. "The latest research has shown there's absolutely no correlation. Go ahead and shed your bras. They're not going to protect you from sagging." In her book Zdrok also addresses how a man can delay an orgasm.

Zdrok noted that she has a fiance, and Paul said he'd be afraid to have sex with Zdrok. Zdrok agreed that her fiance will get annoyed when she gets too technical but that's not often. "Sex is about wild abandon," she said. "You can't be an observer. You have to be a participant. In psychology it's called spectator-ing. That's wrong. Just throw yourself into it." Zdrok said she enjoyed the research for the book. "This is truly my calling." Zdrok said fans can also order an autographed copy of her book from her website.

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