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Malene Espensen - Danish Model

I was born in Copenhagen which is the capital of Denmark. After a few years I then moved to a little place called Aalborg in Jutland where I grew up. Denmark is a tiny country - 5 million people. That's half of the population in London (that's mad right)?! I loved speaking English whenever I had the chance and I really made my mind up when I was 14 years old when I had my first kiss with an English boy. I played football for a Danish club for over 9 years so I met him at the LKB Cup as it was called. I then and there decided I wanted to live in England :o) Time passed and I got my Business degree and headed off to America for a few months. After that I moved straight to the UK. I have now been here for almost 8 years and consider myself half Brit/half Dane. I dabbled in various jobs within IT where I used my languages (I speak 5 languages). Then out of nowhere someone special took a picture of me in a bikini and send it to a competition in The Sunday Star and I won...WOW. I can't tell you how my life has changed but it has been an amazing ride so far and I am only getting started....

Height: 5'5
Bust: 32FF
Waist: 25'
Hips: 35'
Dress: 8-10
Shoe: 4
Hair: blonde

Malene Espensen (born 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark) is a Danish glamour model now residing in London, England.

She has regularly appeared in British lads mags such as FHM, Redline, Maxim, Nuts, Monkey Mag and Loaded as well as the Playboy Sexy 100 magazine. Malene has appeared on page 3 of various English national newspapers such as The Sun and making many appearances in the Daily Star.

Malene is currently the face and body of Big D peanuts and has appeared in Sky One's Brainiac television show as "the nurse".

She lives in London and speaks five languages (Danish, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish).

Malene Espensen

Malene Espensen is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and want to share this experience with everyone! Lucy Pinder is now the most gorgeous brunette but I am sorry Michelle Marsh and Lucy Pinder, you have lost your crown for the best of the best!!

Thanks to The Daily / Sunday Star for finding her!! The 'Star' s rule the Universe but the 'Sun' only rules the Solar system (with RM at the helm. Oh dear, Earth and the solar system are finished!!)

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