Saturday, October 10, 2009

Divine dee dee - ssbbw


"An SSBBW who get naked and naughty"

Dee Dee is a very large lady who lives in Britain. She's proud of being a big girl and knows that many men are very turned on by the thought her very ample curves


All the Info on DeeDee
Name: Divina
Sign: Pisces
Age: 42
Height 5ft 7"
Hair: changes often but usually brunette/chocolate with flashes of color
Eyes: Hazel
Bra Size: 50D
Waist: 54"
Hips: 78"
Thigh diameter: 34"
Upper Arm diameter: 17"
Clothing Size Tops 24-30, Bottoms 30-34
Shoe Size: UK9
Current Weight: 175.8Kg (28st+)
Martial Status: Single & Dating
Favorite Flowers: Roses, Carnations, Tulips
Sexual Orientation: Definitely straight
Favorite Position: Doggy Style & Spoons
Piercing: Ears
Favorite Colors: Pink, Red & Lilac
Favorite Lingerie: Corsets, Suspenders & Stockings, Thongs
Favorite Clothing: Strappy cleavage hugging tops that flow from the bust - and must have plenty of sparkle :)


Favorite Foods: KFC, Chilean, Chinese
Favorite Movie: Shallow Hal
Favorite Author: David Eddings
Favourite Artistes: Katie Melua - Westlife - Will Young
Hobbies: Singing - web design - photography - reading - painting - and did I mention SINGING!! :))
Turn-ons: Sense of humour, hairy chest, sexy twinkle eyes, sensuous & erotic

stroking/touching/affection, and my photographer!
Turn-offs: poor hygiene, blinkered bigotted fat-hating loudmouthed people, attitude problems


Divine DeeDee's first interview

Divine DeeDee's first interview
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Divine DeeDee eats & wears cake!

Divine DeeDee eats & wears cake! por Ddeelish